It's very simple. With Communify:

  1. In a single space you will find all the initiatives and alternatives that contribute in a sustainable way to the development of your immediate environment and that attend to your daily needs of consumption, leisure, culture...
  2. You have easy access to each of these proposals and can make contacts and exchanges. In this way, your daily consumption decisions serve immediately to benefit your environment and build a fairer and more sustainable economy.
  3. To carry out your operations you can use, in addition to euros, your own currency, the NEXOS currency. A currency that serves, therefore, to support and reinforce exchanges that directly benefit your community. A currency that we manage together.
  4. Many territories can be present in the space so you have the possibility to connect with other communities to enrich your proposals or to develop collaborations. And you can satisfy needs for which you do not find an answer in your environment. Always with the certainty that you support local and distributed economic proposals.
  5. The data about the contacts and exchanges you make and your consumption preferences are yours. It's up to you.

You can choose the virtual spaces you inhabit:

  • Spaces that protect your privacy or spaces that sell your data to guide your consumption and political choices.
  • Spaces that belong to you and that you govern or spaces that subject you to their non-transparent rules and always aimed at getting the most out of your selfless contributions.
  • Spaces from which you can transform your environment with your interactions or spaces in which the options with the greatest advantage are those that invest the most in advertising or promotion regardless of their objectives and the values that animate them.
  • Spaces whose income goes back to your immediate environment and whose profits are used to support community initiatives or spaces that pay taxes in tax havens or low tax zones and whose profits swell the pockets of large corporate investors.
  • Spaces in which you can use an exchange mode such as NEXES that you control and govern and that can only be used in activities that improve your immediate surroundings or spaces that promote your own means of payment, such as Libra, which will be controlled by a few.

Do you want to inhabit COMMUNIFY?

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