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Imagine that all the capacities and potentialities of your territory are in the same space in which they converge: associations and collectives, companies, entrepreneurs, academia, institutions, citizens...

Imagine that all the people and organisations that inhabit this space share fundamental values and interests:

  • The concern for a future that is full of uncertainties and challenges regarding, among other issues, climate change, the growing instability and precariousness of work, the progressive deterioration of the welfare state, threats to democratic freedoms and rights, the lack of clear references to determine the veracity of the information received or the loss of control over the data generated in our interactions on the network.
  • The need to face these impressive challenges together with a certain frustration at not knowing how to start acting or not feeling accompanied in the endeavour.
  • Confidence in mutual collaboration and support as fundamental tools to face this future and the recognition that competition and individualism as the main values of our times have proved ineffective in solving the problems of the majority.
  • The feeling that something needs to be done urgently and that a decisive impulse is needed and a change of direction that does not come from politics or from large corporations or economic powers.

Imagine that you can contact and carry out all kinds of exchanges with the people and organizations that inhabit that space and that each of these interactions contribute to the well-being of your immediate environment.

Imagine that this space becomes global and develops from the networking of all the territories that participate and thus multiply your capacities to transform the world from your personal contribution, from your daily experience.

In Communify we have understood that imagining it is not enough and we have set to work. We have used the potential of relationship and connection provided by new technologies to create a single meeting place for all those interests and capacities that inhabit a territory and we propose to gradually scale and add new territories to become a global space from which to make effective our desire for change.

By participating in Communify you contribute to:

  • To promote a real economy aimed at satisfying people's needs for consumption, leisure or culture in a sustainable and responsible way, as opposed to the current financialized economy aimed at obtaining great profits in the shortest possible time by investing in speculative activities that do not revert to the interests of the majority. Communify does not include speculative real estate and financial activities.
  • Promote a distributed economy in which multiple actors come together in an open and transparent market, as opposed to the current concentrated model in which a few corporations share the activity and generate captive markets that they control by influencing the decisions of governments and supranational bodies. In Communify there is no room for franchises or large supermarkets, only local agents.
  • Promote the relocation of productive activities and the rapprochement of production to consumption in the face of the current globalised economy, which competes by pushing down costs, mainly labour costs, by locating its activity in countries with little or no protection of workers' rights, or which use tax havens or tax engineering to avoid paying taxes in the territories in which they operate and make profits. Communify has no place for companies that relocate their production or compete via costs, reducing labour rights, and companies that do not pay fair taxes on the profits they make in the territories in which they carry out their activities.
  • Promote a demercantilized economy in which housing, health, care, energy or education are not turned into commodities that are beyond the control of people and subject to the arbitrary control of markets.
  • Promote a circular and regenerative economy based on eco-efficient design and oriented towards reuse and recycling as opposed to the current economy based on the extraction-production-consumption-use-waste cycle.

We hope that your experience at Communify will be long and that we can collaborate and support each other to enrich our lives and the lives of those who inherit our planet.

Take part in Communify

If you want to become a Communify user and support the objectives of the platform you can register. It will always be free. You will be able to contact advertisers and make exchanges.

If you also want to publish ads you must subscribe. You have 3 months free trial.

If you represent a non-profit association or a cooperative you will not need to subscribe and you will always be able to publish ads for free.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to bring Communify to your territory or city or collaborate with us in any other way.

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