• Scaling the change

    Virtual Space for transformation


    COMMUNIFY is a virtual meeting place for people and communities who aspire to build a new social and economic model.

    The different possibilities of connection and exchange are structured in 13 categories:

    1. Map of initiatives. To make visible the transformative initiatives present in the territory
    2. Food. To move towards food sovereignty by strengthening community-based agriculture
    3. Mobility. To facilitate the choice of sustainable mobility modes.
    4. Culture. To support local talent and the development of a citizen culture accessible to all.
    5. Caregiving. To bring care closer together and create community care networks.
    6. Tourism. To offer travellers, in an integrated way, collaborative proposals for accommodation, leisure and cultural experiences that involve sustainable tourism practices and maintain the wealth generated in the territory.
    7. Spaces. To facilitate access to underused spaces and generate synergies and share experiences and projects in spaces of coexistence, work and production.
    8. Manufacturing. To promote local reindustrialization supported by glocal, distributed and collaborative modes of production.
    9. Energy. To move towards a distributed, democratic and planet-friendly energy model.
    10. P2P exchanges. To promote neighbourhood relations and collaboration between neighbours and responsible consumption
    11. Buy Local. To support local consumption and boost the vitality of the neighbourhoods
    12. Learning. To facilitate access to shared training and knowledge
    13. Volunteering.  To facilitate access to volunteer opportunities and the fit between those opportunities and the wishes and abilities of volunteers