• Networks, Networks, Networks

    Connected it´s possible


    The Network of participants in the model is made up of:


    • Commonomers. All of us: collectives, organizations and people aware of the need to activate (with agility) a different social and economic model.
    • Commonhubs. They are the fundamental nodes of the network: groups, informal or not, of commonomers who decide to collectively promote the Model. The impulse can start from:
      • A particular neighborhood or territory
      • A community space
      • A group formed around a specific theme (mobility, care,...)
      • A community project
    • Island/City Cooperatives. They are formal cooperative structures that support the work of commonomers and commonhubs and provide them with legal cover.

    The structures that form part of the network share the following organisational principles:

    • Are collaborative, open and inclusive structures
    • Practice participatory and democratic governance
    • Are economically sustainable
    • Incorporate mechanisms for recognizing the value contributed by their members
    • Have clear protocols for conflict resolution
    • Are transparent in their management and communication


    The connectors are workers of the Island/City cooperatives.
    They can be linked:

    • to a specific territory (a neighbourhood, a village),
    • to a specific field of action (mobility, care, culture, etc.) or,
    • to a community space of the Factoría Civica.

    Its functions are:

    • Relate, Empower, Accompany
    • Disseminate
    • Forming
    • Researching
    • Innovate, Undertake

    Partnerships are essential to scale up and extend the Model.

    • Alliances with administrations
      • Regulation
      • Investment
      • Promotion
      • Provision of infrastructure
    • Alliances with companies
      • Application
      • Financing
      • Innovation/Intrepreneurship
    • Alliances with the academy
      • Formation
      • Research
      • Dissemination