• The Platform of the Real, Local, Distributed, Responsible and Connected Economy


    COMMUNIFY is a marketplace for connection and exchange to boost and strengthen local economies.


    It is intended as a digital commons that can be activated in any territory.


    The purpose is to have a global platform of economies and local citizen initiatives that maintain and distribute wealth in the territories where it is generated.


    With COMMUNIFY, we achieve sufficient scale and scope to tackle large corporate platforms.

    With COMMUNIFY we build a truly collaborative economy, locally distributed and globally connected.


    belongs to those who share through it their resources and capacities


    helps strengthen community ties. It connects us to our immediate environment and to our neighbors.


    allocates the greater part of its revenue to Community projects


    is managed in a democratic and participatory manner


    does not use your data without your consent. You decide


    allows you to use in your exchanges, in addition to euros, the complementary currency NEXOS.

  • Start your COMMUNIFY experience

    Become a user

    Always Free.
    Once you have registered, complete your profile: include a photo and tell us something about yourself.


    You will be able to contact other members of the community and buy or rent goods and services.

    Post listings

    Subscribe and you will be able to post as many listings you want. The first 3 months are free so you can discover all the possibilities of COMMUNIFY.


    Non-profit associations and cooperatives do not need to subscribe to post listing

    Use NEXOS

    Click on the button to register in NEXOS and be able to trade with the complementary COMMUNIFY currency.


    You will be able to take advantage of discounts and vouchers at NEXOS offered by local businesses and purchase or rent goods or services in NEXOS coin.

  • Listings


    Mapping of civil society entities and academia, community initiatives, public and private resources and local collaborative platforms that contribute to fostering an economic model based on collaboration, proximity and mutual support.


    Options for shared mobility, for sharing residence and spaces and for temporary access and use... To make more efficient and sustainable use of the resources available in your territory.

    Conscious Consumption

    Options to meet locally and sustainably our food and consumption needs: km 0 and ecological food, sustainable fashion, recycling, repair and reuse, distributed manufacturing and energy,...

    Responsible Tourism and Leisure

    Options to travel responsibly, ensuring that income from tourism stays in the territory and is distributed equitably; to connect with groups and people who share our hobbies; and, to participate in activities that enrich and animate local life.


    Options to support local commerces and professionals who energise and animate neighbourhood life, to strengthen community ties and collaboration between neighbours and to ensure the proximity of care and territorial chains of mutual support.

    Local Talent

    Options to support local artists and artisans, to encourage access to culture for all and to encourage the creation of cultural circuits facilitating the encounter between citizens, artists, hosts and spaces, technicians, promoters and cultural managers.


    Options to facilitate access to locally available training and learning opportunities and to connect with the experiences and knowledge of other territories.


    Options to facilitate knowledge and collaboration between the agents of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the territory and to connect with other territorial entrepreneurial ecosystems.


    Options to facilitate access to the entities and volunteer opportunities that best fit our values, knowledge and skills and to foster collaboration across territories.


    To get to know the events that the territory offers you and to organize your agenda and to get to know and access events in other territories.


    To get to know the projects of the different agents and to invite the collaboration or effective participation of the community and to get to know projects from other territories.


    Community demands for personal, material, financial or technological resources.

  • Explore

    Discover all the options for building a people-oriented social and economic model.

    Proposals in all areas to develop a solid, fair and sustainable local economy.

    Only announcements from local organizations and neighbors. Acting locally and connected globally.

    A community of advertisers and users committed to promoting a local, sustainable and distributed economy.

  • NEXOS, our money

    NEXOS is a complementary currency exchange system to boost local economies.


    NEXOS is a complementary currency. They are not intended to replace the Euro. They serve to create a complementary economic flow of transactions in spaces not normally covered by conventional monetary operations.


    NEXOS are a non-convertible currency. They cannot be exchanged for official currency and only work among members of your user community. Just for the purpose of having a value reference, 1 NEXO equals 1 EURO.


    NEXOS do not generate interest and oxidize (lose value) over time. So there is no point in saving NEXOS. The objective is that they circulate continuously so that they generate economic flows that benefit the community.

    Your NEXOS lose 3% of their value every month.


    NEXOS incorporate a monthly collaborative income for their physical users that allows them to maintain a certain level of expenditure in the currency and ensure a constant economic flow.


    Communify allows you to use NEXOS in your exchanges:

    • As total or partial price (listings can combine a part of the price in euros and another part in NEXOS)
    • As a generic discount. Local merchants and professionals can offer a general discount of their choice (from 5% to 25%) and from a certain minimum purchase amount in euros (from 0 to 20 euros), for all purchases made by Communify and NEXOS users.
    • As a voucher or discount coupon or as a ticket for events and training activities.

    By increasing the number of NEXOS users and the diversity of offers that can be accessed using them, our currency will become an efficient and reliable means of exchange for acquiring goods and services from our environment and, therefore, an effective complementary income to euros.

    An income that can only be used for transactions and exchanges within Communify and that, consequently, will reinforce the local, responsible and distributed economic model that Communify proposes.

    How do I start?

    Download the app and, once installed, enter the URL of NEXOS, www.monedanexos.com.

    Register and log in with your username and password.

    You will have 100 NEXOS to carry out exchanges.

    You can also use NEXOS from your computer by accessing the website.

  • Local Nodes

    COMMUNIFY is proposed as a global network of local economies. It is activated in the different territories through local nodes and connectors. In addition, COMMUNIFY relates to its users through community physical spaces that use COMMUNIFY and NEXOS as connection and exchange tools. These spaces form the Commons Factory network. This combination of the soft side (COMMUNIFY and NEXOS) and the hard side (Nodes, Connectors and Factory) allows COMMUNIFY to be scaled as a global network. This effort is greatly facilitated if partnerships are woven with local administrations that allow the development of the model of local and connected economies proposed by COMMUNIFY.

    Local Nodes

    Non-profit entities that provide the initial impetus for the implementation of COMMUNIFY in their territories.


    People who, in collaboration with local nodes, bring COMMUNIFY closer to their communities and activate their participation in the network.

    Commons Factory

    Network of spaces that share the functioning and tools of the model and contribute to its promotion and consolidation.


    Collectives and institutions providing infrastructure, regulatory frameworks and funding for the development of COMMUNIFY


    If you want to bring COMMUNIFY to your territory as a local node, as a connector, from your community space or as a public administration

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