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    Spaces for transformation


    The Civic Factory is a network of physical community spaces. These are open spaces promoted by citizens and serve as a meeting point for administrations, academia, businesses and citizens themselves.


    In them relationships are not hierarchical and no one comes on behalf of a particular institution or organization. Relationships are established on the basis of collaboration and mutual learning. All of this, without prejudice to the recognition of the greater experience or capacity that some people may have in certain matters.


    This recognition allows us to move forward because leadership and consensus emerge spontaneously and are distributed based on the recognizable value of the contributions of the participants.


    In this context, processes of collective intelligence and collective construction are developed that discover new ways of approaching and solving problems of cities, communities and people.


    One space, three dimensions


    The spaces of the Civic Factory have a triple dimension:

    • They are spaces for learning and practicing new ways of coexistence, production and relationship.
    • These are spaces for active citizen participation
    • These are spaces for collective entrepreneurship

    Spaces for learning and practice


    The spaces of the Civic Factory can be according to their interests, capacities and available infrastructures:

    • Spaces for culture
    • Spaces for production
    • Spaces for responsible consumption
    • Spaces for care
    • Spaces for knowledge
    • Spaces for participation
    • Spaces for participation

    Citizen participation is articulated through 11 open tables of participation. In addition to the work in each of their areas of specialization, these tables can rotate through the different spaces or locate their headquarters for face-to-face work in a specific space. In addition to the work in each of their areas of specialization, the spaces stimulate plenary meetings to share the ideas and projects that arise in the different tables:

    • Mobility table
    • Food table
    • Culture table
    • Buy Local table
    • Housing table
    • Tourism table
    • Manufacturing table
    • Energy table
    • Caregiving table
    • Finance table
    • Public Spaces table

    Spaces for collective entrepreneurship


    The spaces of the Civic Factory can also be spaces from which to support and promote collective entrepreneurship projects oriented to the common good. To this end, they can count on resources to offer the following services to project groups:

    • Formation
    • Advising
    • Prototyping
    • Financing
    • Accompaniment