• Value & Trust

    Our Money


    The collaborative finance model integrates 5 elements. Some of them are already fully functional and others are in development.


    • A complementary currency: NEXOS
    • A system to articulate collective financing and investment in community projects
    • A basic/collaborative income
    • A system of attribution/recognition of value
    • A cooperative ethical bank

    Complementary Currency NEXOS


    The complementary currency serves 5 main functions:

    • Currency for local exchanges
    • Currency to stimulate and incentivize markets and practices that fit the purpose of the Model.
    • Currency to measure the value to be attributed or recognized to (developing) individuals, communities and territories
    • Currency to articulate a basic/collaborative income
    • Currency to implement a system of mutual credit between companies (under development)

    Project financing system


    Still under construction, the system of financing community projects will include:

    • A crowdfunding platform for project financing
    • A matchfunding mechanism based on potential alliances with public administrations
    • A tool for the financing of internal projects of the different communities (in study the development with Cobudget)
    • The creation of an investment fund for community projects (medium/long term)

    Basic/collaborative income


    Through the complementary currency, an unconditional and monthly basic income is articulated for the participants in the Model.
    This income has three components:

    • A fixed component that is credited to all attendees
    • A variable component that is modulated according to the contributions made to the community
    • A temporary solidarity component to resolve extraordinary situations of need or support

    Attribution/Value Recognition


    The complementary currency is the tool with which the attributable value is measured, according to its contribution to the community, which corresponds to individuals, communities and territories.


    A calculation algorithm is initially proposed in which the following variables are used in a non-exhaustive manner:

    • Number of advertisements published in COMMUNIFY
    • Volume of transactions in Euros weighted according to the markets (food, mobility, etc.) in which we have intervened
    • Volume of transactions in NEXOS with equal weighting system
    • Number of projects promoted weighted according to the results obtained.
    • Number of collaborations in other projects
    • Ratings received from other members

    Cooperative ethical banking


    The bank provides:

    • Infrastructures and services
    • Payment and exchange services at NEXOS
    • A mechanism for integration with the additional currency