• How COMMUNIFY works


    To become a member you have to register on the platform by filling in the fields of the registration form.


    It is important that you complete all the information correctly and that you tell us about yourself and include some photographs. COMMUNIFY is a local community and getting to know each other better builds trust.


    By registering you will be able to contact the rest of the users, access offers, publish announcements and make exchanges.

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    Post a new listing

    You can post different types of listings:

    • Simple or contact listings. They are informative announcements that allow the members of the platform to get to know you and contact you.
    • Offer listings. They include an offer of goods or services. Transactions can be made:
      • In euros
      • In NEXOS 
      • At zero price

    To publish, simply log in and click on the Post a new listing button in the top menu. The different categories will appear. Browse and choose the one that best suits the message you want to convey. Describe your proposal clearly and include all the information you consider relevant. Try to include key information in the title. Always include images.


    You can search for ads, by words or by location, through the search box in the top menu.

    Selecting a subcategory from the menu on the left will display related search filters below.

    Exchanges. Collections and Payments

    If you want to receive payments in euros for the sale of your own products or services do not forget to configure your data for payments and collections in the configuration menu of your user profile.


    You can choose to receive payments through Paypal , from Stripe or from both systems.


    In order to exchange with the complementary currency NEXOS, you must register here.

    NEXOS: our money

    COMMUNIFY allows you to carry out transactions in NEXOS.


    NEXOS is a complementary currency that aims to boost the local economy by facilitating local consumption.


    To be able to operate in NEXOS it is necessary to register at www.monedanexos.com.


    NEXOS allows you to pay via mobile phone through its app for IOS or Android.

    Fees, Commissions and Income Distribution

    COMMUNIFY is completely free if you simply purchase goods or services through the platform.


    If you also wish to post listings, the first three months of registration with COMMUNIFY are free of charge and you can freely publish as many advertisements as you wish. This way you will get to know in detail all the possibilities you have in COMMUNIFY.


    From the third month onwards, in order to keep your listings or continue posting, you will have to pay an initial one-off registration fee of 20 euros, which will be refunded if you decide to unsubscribe, and a monthly periodic fee of 5 euros.


    In addition, a commission of 5% on the total amount of each sale transaction you make will be charged. It's a significantly lower commission than the vast majority of corporate collaborative platforms.


    This revenue will be used primarily to cover the costs of the platform. The remainder, if any, will be used for returns for advertisers/prosumers (80%) and the creation of a fund for the development of community projects (20%).


    The aim is that, as soon as possible, the revenue from fees and commissions should be used as follows:

    • 15% to cover the costs of the platform.
    • 65% for returns to advertisers
    • 20% for the reserve fund that will finance the community projects and initiatives that the prosumer community itself decides.

    COMMUNIFY's financial accounts are fully transparent and accessible to any member who wishes to verify them.



    • Internal mail: COMMUNIFY allows communication by internal mail with any other user.
    • Contacts: You can make comments or questions about the published listings. The questions and their answers are visible to other users
    • Tracking: You can track a particular seller and keep track of their news, simplifying the search and purchase process.
    • Notifications: In general, we receive a weekly newsletter with the news that is being incorporated into the platform.


    Invite your friends

    You can invite your friends or contacts to become COMMUNIFY members through the "Invite new members" option that appears when you select "More" in the top menu.


    Building a large and active community will allow us to become a truly transformative initiative.