• Vision and Strategy​

    Because imagining it is not enough

    VISION: Building a new economic model

    • Aimed at the real economy and the long-term sustainability of wealth
    • Distributed and supported in self-managed and globally connected local communities
    • Focused on the (common) activities and resources that determine the well-being and development of individuals and communities: care, mobility, food, culture, production, knowledge,...
    • Governed and managed in a participatory and democratic manner
    • Leverages underutilized resources and existing cognitive, technological, financial and productive wealth
    • Generative of new abundance



    • To connect existing community initiatives in order to give them greater visibility until they form an ecosystem that is recognisable to citizens.
    • Scale up initiatives to generate impact alternatives that are perceived as truly transformative
    • To build a new story based on the development of practices and institutions that provide solutions and progressively question and displace the dominant discourse.
    • Prevent enclosurement. Acquire the scale and importance necessary to cope with attempts to limit the cognitive and technological abundance provided by networks.


    Value Proposition:

    Generate, with agility, from local grassroots communities a fully functional and economically viable global ecosystem of transformative initiatives that demonstrate that it is possible to achieve a social and economic model that will meet the needs of the majority of people.